Monday Musings On Tuesday

Mike Zimmer seems to think that the Bengals are on the right track. They do have a considerable amount of talent; however, with Mike Brown at the helm, the Bengals will never see a championship. They need to go after a speed back in the second or third round and grab a good safety in the first. IF they manage to do that, re-sign their FA’s like Smith and Johnson, then they could do well in the playoffs. Barring any major injuries and hoping that Dalton proves to be more consistent. Another large issue they had this past year was holding onto the ball. Especially in the later half of the season. Green went downhill, and they didn’t have a run game to rely on. Step up in the trenches, play strong fundamentals (ball control, play memory, etc.), and play with consistent purpose, and they will do well.

In the baseball world, a late thought on R.A. Dickey with the Jays. Let me start off by saying that not only is he a terrific ballplayer, but a great human being. Without going into detail, he had a ROUGH childhood and volunteers in the offseason. With that being said however, I’m not sold on him just yet; or at least, I wouldn’t give him a big term contract and expect him to be the centerpiece of the organization. I love his success with the KB, and enjoy watching him pitch, but with one breakout year, and at his age, I’m still hesitant to buy. But for all this, the Jays made leaps and bounds this offseason, and even if Dickey does fall short, they have enough talent to compete in their difficult division.

Basketball life: Lakers couldn’t make it four after the All-Star Break, but they are looking better. They’re playing with chemistry, and that’s the most important part. Dwight’s size means he needs to play better in the paint. He just has to. Kobe’s been stepping up and motivating the team, if he keeps that up, I don’t count them out of the playoffs. With threat of digressing, I don’t think Kobe’s enthusiasm will ever be an issue. Will they be a threat in the playoffs? Hard to say. Assuming they make it, I wouldn’t count them out; however, with Dantoni at the helm, and the consistent injuries, I would be downright shocked to see them hoist that trophy.

The contenders of the East and West are as follows:

In the East:

  • Heat
  • Pacers
  • Knicks

In the West:

  • Thunder
  • Rockets
  • San Antonio

I am hesitant to say the Knicks for several reasons, but I put my money on a Heat/Pacers Conf. Championship series (and a darn good one at that). In the west, the Rockets are way underrated. I see them looking strong in the Playoffs. The Spurs are far and away playing the best FUNDEMENTAL basketball in the NBA right now, but they have a Falconesque feel to them in the playoffs (Sports-crossover get over it.)We will see though how they do. As for the Thunder, I have nothing new to say about them, that hasn’t been said a thousand times by everyone else.

That’s the big three sports to report. As for Hockey, my insight just doesn’t go that deep, but I love watching it.


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