Football Frenzy

The Superbowl feels like eons ago, and the burn for the new season has started already. The 2013 Combine just wrapped up, but I’m not going into detail about each recruit. Spend a few bucks and get ESPN insider if you want that. But I want to talk about Teo. Up to this point, I have still been rooting for him. Despite the girlfriend crap, and even the poor time he ran. (4.83? Really?) Here is where I fell off the Teo Train: the excuses. He blames his time on the stress of the combine. Here’s the thing buddy, everybody who has ever had a job, has an interview process. Yes, yours is being watched by a nation holding its breath, but that’s just the horrible consequences of being scouted by teams willing to pay you millions of dollars. Every rep in the gym, every hour spent studying leads up to that moment, so yeah its a bit stressful, but this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Besides, I would think stress would propel you in sort of situation. Will all that pent up emotion, bursting off that line would feel like the greatest thing in the world one would think. In any case, even if the stress did get to him, no one in the NFL wants to hear excuses. His best move would have been to say how disappointing it was, and that he will spend every second trying to improve his speed, and then not talk to the media until he’s been drafted. A disappointing move by Teo, and I think that, more than the performance (or lack there of) will hurt his draft stock.

On a similar train of thought, USC Quarterback Matt Barkley made some dumb comments this past week. Claiming to take a page from Peyton Manning’s book and “be a dick.” Prior to this comment, I am screaming, chanting, and worshiping the name Barkley, but my lord did he know how to say the wrong thing. He speaks about how he doesn’t like being thought of as a “Cali boy”. He needs to step up, drop the middle school attitude and keep the media out of his head. His mind should be on preparing for that draft, and playing his heart out. In terms of football smarts, what he showed at USC reminded me of young Peyton Manning. (I’m not promising a rebirth) If he would keep his mouth shut, focus on getting better, and continue to work his football mind, he could end up being a franchise quarterback. Peyton Manning’s not a dick, he is a leader. He understands what it means to lead a team, and ride everyone to force their best out. He also doesn’t go out and say stupid things like that. When he entered the league, he kept his head down and did his job. Read that page Barkley, and you could do well in this league.

The Raiders have shown an interest in Geno Smith. I won’t say much other than, I’m sorry Oakland. Dumb move by the raiders. If I’m going Quarterback, I still pick Barkley, or even what’s his face from Syracuse. Geno will not make it as a starting NFL quarterback. End of Story

I am interested in the revival of a former Raiders QB, Mr. Russell promises a return to the NFL. With his wealth of talent, its not impossible, but don’t look for him to be making a superbowl run, at least not without one hell of a team around him. Trent Dilfer got a ring, but he’ll be the first to tell you, he was not the reason why. (No disrespect towards Dilfer, he is one of my favorite analysts to watch.)

Last on the docket, Smiths new home in KC. This really was best of all opportunities for Smith. Andy Reid is THE QB Guru. He is competing against two QB’s who have been booed out of their own stadium, so no threat there. Here is his chance. Reid’s got some great picks this year, a starting QB that shows promise, and he happens to be Andy Reid. The Kansas City Chiefs are definitely a team to watch in the next few years. Smith is young enough, that even if they don’t make a run for the Lombardi trophy this year, his championship window is still open. KC has every reason to be excited.


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