Thursday’s Ramblings

Nothing too exciting to report in the professional world this morning. Curry dropped a pant load on the Knicks last night, but the Warriors still lost. A shocking disappointment for a nation that surely was holding its breath. (Sarcasm is harder to portray in text) However, the college level always brings exciting news. Nick Saban and The University of Alabama football program have parted ways with the four players who were arrested last month.  Running back Brent Calloway, linebacker Tyler Hayes, defensive lineman D.J. Pettway and defensive back Eddie Williams. This is not surprising at all. Saban didn’t do this just because that’s what the media would expect from a head coach, but because he is a stan dup guy and won’t put up with that kind of behavior in his program. Those men are privileged to play for a highly respected university, and have their college tuition paid for at the expense of others simply for playing a game that America loves. If they cannot conduct themselves in such a way that respects the university, the fans, and the city that pays for them, then they have no place playing for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide or any team for that matter. Saban understands that, and I can honestly say, other than Ohio State’s Urban Meyer, I cannot think of a more respectable, hard working, and humble coach that has had that sort of success in college football today.

Speaking of the Big Ten, Michigan was sent packing by Penn State last night, ending the nittony lions 19 game conference losing streak. This effectively kills Michigan’s bid for the number one spot (for now) and allows The Ohio State Buckeyes to move up to fourth seed in the Big Ten and grab the first round bye.  They will face the very beatable Illinois and NW, but they and Michigan must still face Indiana. Michigan has yet to match up against Purdue and Michigan state, both strong opponents, and considering they’ve lost four of their last seven, it doesn’t look good for Ann Arbor. As puts it “As it should be, the homestretch of the conference race is going to be all kinds of cray.”

In other news, its Cincinnati Reds phenom pitcher Aroldis Chapman’s 25th birthday. The Red’s two and four record in cactus league play, while unimpressive is not as telling as it may seem. Recent additions Miguel Olivo, Jason Donald, and Jack Hannahan all look strong in their first outings with the team. Most notably has been second baseman Henry Rodriguez’ effort. With seven hits for ten at bats, he’s racked up two runs, two doubles, and two rbi’s with a 1.6 OPS, he along with LHP Cingrani, is a top prospect this season for the Cincinnati Reds. I wasn’t going to go into Pro sports today but I just couldn’t help myself. There are plenty of injury updates, mainly pitchers, that can be found on, if you are interested.

That’s it for now, unless something happens today that is so exciting that I just have to chime in on. Have a wonderful Thursday.


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