Weekend in Review

A depressing weekend personally, as my teams did poorly, but nonetheless and exciting one. Michigan Wolverines held off the Spartans in a thrilling game that came down to the buzzer. Gonzaga made it to number one, proving that you don’t have to be in the Power Six to attain such a ranking. If memory serves me correctly, its been five years since that has happened.

The Miami Heat have continued to dominate the East, and the rest of the NBA. It took some time for Wade to adjust to that supporting role, but now he is throwing up the big numbers, while providing the proper role of supporter. I think the more interesting transition to watch was LeBron as he took the reigns from Wade, and with that the responsibility, particularly in big games and the fourth quarter. It is how you act in those situations, that proves the best leaders. We will have to wait and see if LeBron can hold onto this new attitude down the stretch and win another ring this year.

ESPN Insider’s prospect writers have made their second annual list of the MLB Future Power Rankings which as the name implies attempts to rank teams according to how they look in the years to come. Last year Texas topped the rankings, but they’re decisions to allow Napoli, Hamilton, and C.J. Wilson walk have brought a fair bit of criticism. The Rangers are now number two, and still look to have a promising future. They have seen the World Series quite a bit recently but have not been able to pull of the win. I would watch them to continue to be a Baseball superpower in the years to come.

The Cardinals of St. Louis are now ranked number one in the future prospect rankings and for good reason. They have refused to stick with an all-star and instead elect to work on a strong and youthful core. They also have seen plenty of playoff time, but their play last year barely got them into the playoffs. They do really well in the post season, but their regular season play is poor, and that is result of a young and streaky team. Road play is difficult for younger teams like that, but guys like Allan Craig, Freese, and Matt Carpenter should begin to develop some consistency after some time in the league. If they want to win the WS, they need to strengthen the pen and iron out their rotation. Re-sign Wainwright.

The Reds and Tigers are 7 and 9 in their rankings, and in another risky post I picked them to win their conferences. The Tiger’s  will depend on Verlander’s consistent arm, and hope to god the Miguel can produce like he did last year. I still question that fact that WAR won him that MVP.

That’s all for now folks



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